The carbodies of model 81-722 / 723/724 are solid metal and made of welded construction with a stainless steel bearing outer skin. Saloon The cars are provided with comfortable handrails made of satined stainless steel. The saloon is illuminated by LED light line consisting of two-part modules. The ventilation is based on high-performance axial fans. There are 4 folding seats in head car and 12 folding seats in intermediate car with a fixation in the raised position. Decoration materials have a restoration of small damages and resistance to graffiti properties. Driver’s cabin Basic, auxiliary control panels, including driver's controller, emergency stop valve, control buttons of car’s systems and radio station were installed in the area of immediate access. The cabin is equipped with protection screen. In driver’s cabin there is a chair with vibration absorption and pneumatic adjustment of height. There are side-scan overview cameras on both sides of the cabin. There is a microclimate support system. The apparatus cabinet is located behind the driver's chair. Features The cars models 81-722 / 723/724 are distinguished by their high transport capacity and transferring of more than 50,000 passengers per hour. A perspective advanced traction drive with completely new layout solutions was applied. For the first time the short connector was installed.