Download a list of illiquid or are not used in the production of commodities

To maximize operational cooperation offer the following scheme of work :

  • you download the list and choose the position you are interested, put down in the relevant columns of the required quantity and price.
  • Fill your details in the proposed application form (found in the list).
  • Sending completed (in accordance with claim 1, 2) a request by e-mail members of our company.
  • After receiving your application you will contact the staff of our company.

Contact Information

Deputy Head of material support - Kuryanovich Valery Antonovich


tel: 8 (495) 582-56-26

Deputy Head of Department of external configuration - Svechnikov Igor


tel: 8 (495) 581-13-66

We hope to find in your person, business partner and are willing to consider proposals for joint fruitful cooperation. List of illiquid or not used in the production of commodities other holding companies .