Metro cars of model 81.717.2К and 81-714.2К in six-car train set with the capability of short term (duration up to 40 mins) run from tunnels to open section of track. Saloon The windows of the passenger saloon are made of safety glasses. Closing of the doors is accompanied by sound and light warning signal system, train-set movement is carried out only with the doors closed. The doors are equipped with clamping protection system with the possibility of automatic re-opening of doors. Saloons are provided with vandal-resistant sofas of semi-rigid construction located along the sides of the car. Two folding seats were designed; if they are folded it becomes possible to place a baby stroller. Lighting consists of light-emitting diode lines are contrary to luminescent lamps do not require maintenance. Driver’s cabin The windshield of driver's cab is made of multi-layer safety colorless glass, the front and side windows of the driver's cab are electrically heated. The driver’s cabin have the driver's seat (chair) equipped with a pneumatic spring and one folding seat. The control cabin is developed with air conditioning, fan heater. Particular attention in design of the cabin was paid to its ergonomics, accessibility of key controls for the driver. Features The cars are intended to operate on aboveground and underground tracks. Asynchronous traction drive. Across-the-line start and recuperation are used. The possibility of installing the system of auto train driving. Double suspension of bogies ensuring smooth running of the train