JC Transmashholding is the largest Russian company specializing in the development and production of rolling stock for railways and urban transport systems. The company also produces diesel engines for various purposes and components for rolling stock.

The products of the holding companies are operated in dozens of countries of the world, in all climatic zones of the Earth.

The company was established on April 15, 2002. Her only nominal shareholder is The Breakers Investments BV (Holland).

The main goal of the work for the specialists of Transmashholding is the provision of their partners, customers with modern highly efficient rolling stock. Creation of the most comfortable conditions for passengers, conditions for fast and uninterrupted delivery of goods, decent working conditions for railway workers and metro workers - these are the priorities that our designers follow in their work.

As its mission, the company considers the creation of opportunities to maximize the full disclosure of the creative and professional potential of employees. We are striving to preserve more than a century of tradition of Russian transport engineering and to ensure its dynamic development, compliance with the modern world. This is why Transmashholding pays great attention to the introduction of new quality and safety standards, new technologies in production and industrial relations.

• No.1 in the CIS countries in terms of sales of rolling stock

• One of the largest manufacturers in the world

• The only manufacturer of rolling stock in the "Arctic" version in the CIS countries

• produces metro cars, electric and diesel trains, passenger cars, locomotives, freight cars, diesel power plants, locomotive, ship and stationary diesel engines

• Carries out repair of rolling stock, including metro cars

• Rolling stock of the company is operated in all climatic zones of the Earth

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