New generation cars represent the combination of many years experience and the most modern technology solutions, the latest scientific and technical achievements are used in the design. Saloon Sliding-plug doors are extended by 12% and protect against accidental clamping of passengers. Modern ergonomic sofas, seats can fold. Wide intercar gangways, reliable ecological noise and heat insulation of cars. Modern passenger information system with the possibility of TV channels broadcasting. Depending on the time of day, the color of lighting in the car changes. Number of handrails increased by 30%, now they have a "warm" coating. CABIN OF THE DRIVER The driver's cab has no protruding elements. Placement of controls and elements on the driver's desk was worked out together with a group of Moscow Metro drivers. Swing doors are located on both sides, equipped with a pneumatic lock, activated at speeds above 15 km / h. The control cabin is equipped with air conditioning, fan heater. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES New technical solutions allow saving up to 35% of electricity. Application of the third generation of an asynchronous traction drive, which reduces operating costs by 40%. Bogies with pneumatic suspension. Microprocessor control and diagnostics system. The train uses coupling devices that include elements of the passive safety system (crash systems).