About us

Mytishchi Machine Works was founded in 1897 in the Moscow region Mytishchi as Carriage Works. The first products were passenger and freight cars for the Northern Railway in Russia. In 1903 began the production of trams for the city of Moscow. The first electric passenger train in Russia were made in 1929 on the Mytishschinsky train factory in 1934 — the first cars for the Metro of Moscow. Since 1942 he produces self-propelled artillery, and trucks for military purposes. In the same year established a design office, where for half a century, created and perfected tracked vehicles for the Army.

Over the years, Metrovagonmash has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of armored tracked vehicles. Created its own school of design, testing, research, tracked chassis. Metrovagonmash — Russia's leading company in design and production of tracked vehicles for contemporary anti-aircraft missile systems.

In 1947 the plant started a new direction for him — the production of dump trucks, which is growing rapidly and now, along with subway cars is a hallmark of the plant.

As a result, have developed and rapidly developing three main areas of activity of the plant:

  • Manufacture of subway cars;
  • Manufacture of dump trucks;
  • Manufacture of armored tracked vehicles.

The test station sites for sea trials provide high assurance of product quality. The union has its own rail and truck access roads with access to the trunk line. Design techniques carried out by three specialized engineering firm, which employs experienced and highly skilled designers.

From 2005 "Metrovagonmash" is part of the "Transmashholding", Russia's largest company in the market of transport engineering. Group companies manufacture and shunting locomotives, industrial and long-haul locomotives, freight and passenger cars, subway cars and trains, locomotive and marine diesel engines, turnouts, traction units, car casting and other products.