RA2 is a rail bus, type 2. It is also designated as the 750 model. It is produced by the Metrowagonmash plant. In contrast to RA1, more corresponds to the definition of "diesel train", since it is already used in the train set of two to four cars. But at the same time, like RA1, it is officially classified as a "rail bus", even though most experts consider this definition to be less correct than the "motor-car" or "diesel train". RA2 is designed for passenger transportation on non-electrified sections of railways with high traffic, as well as suburban and inter-regional communication. Can be operated as a part of only two head sections, and with one or two trailer cars. Most often it is used in three cars version. It has hermetic gangways between cars, allowing to unite the space. Toilets are fitted in the head cars. In the head cars there is one exit near the cabin for high platforms only, and one in the middle for high and low platforms. In the trailer cars there are two exits along the edges of the car - for high and low platforms.