After the victorious end of World War II there was a strong need for consumer goods. The plant was organized by the department of consumer goods, the first products of which were hammers, wall shelves, first aid kits, baby sled, door hinges, desks, cabinets and much more.

In early 1946 it was decided to resume production at the plant Mytishschinsky cars for Metro. And at the end of that year, was organized by the production of trucks. Also received a new development orders of the Ministry of Defence.

Thus, in the first postwar year, the plant has been formed, preserved until the last few years. In essence, "under one roof" was created by three different production: mass automotive, mass production of cars and items of defense equipment.

Mytishchi plant was the first in the country after the war, has mastered the mass production of trucks. By mid-1947 VMS-05 trucks have already appeared on numerous construction sites in the country.

Earlier, at the end of 1946 designers from OKB-40 created a new crawler tractor for M-2.

In 1948, under the leadership of designer NA Astrov was released the first model of self-propelled artillery systems for airborne troops - ASU-57. Military experts, this machine has been recognized as the best in the world-class combat vehicles. This work was awarded the USSR State Prize.

September 26, 1948 Plant ¹ 40 was renamed the Order of the Patriotic War Mytishchi a degree of machine-building plant.

In 1949 he released a new artillery tractor, model ATP. In the same year was put into operation the first test and acceptance of shop, re-cold-die shop, put into operation three powerful press.

In January 1950 a factory was set up mechanized accounting department, equipped with a mechanical calculating machines. The shop was engaged in the processing of accounting documents. Subsequently, a division of the plant has turned into a modern information and computer center.

In March of 1950 began the transition to production stream of cars. In 1955 the serial production of agricultural trucks. Since 1957 began production of tractor-trailer dump MSW-581. In 1959 the plant designers have designed semi-MSW-768 tractor truck tractor T-90. In those same years, the factory trucks were exported to China, Mongolia, Korea, Albania, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Iran and other countries.

In 1958, as part of the Chief Technologist Office were established to develop a non-standard equipment, mechanization and automation of production. And in the 1958 decision of the Ministry on the basis of these offices was organized by the Department of mechanization and automation (OMA), headed by a talented engineer VN Donskov.

Work continued in the OKB-40 design military equipment. In the mid-50's designers have created a self-propelled artillery unit tracked the SU-85. Was developed by antiaircraft self-propelled gun ZSU-23-4 ("Shilka"), which had no parallel in a time of anti-aircraft defense of other countries.

Extensive standardization of chassis models, GM 575, GM 568, GM-578 provided in the 1967 start of production of the missile complex "Cube". Creating a unified multi-purpose chassis was the result of many years of focused work OKB-40. Military vehicles, manufactured in Mytishchi, are becoming increasingly recognized in the world.

In 1966, special orders created a new department - the department of external work number 5, since renamed the ERA-5 (O & M Division), who was involved in the maintenance of such vehicles abroad.