Metrowagonmash (MWM, part of TMH) and the Samara Metro signed a contract for the overhaul and restoration of five metro cars of the 81-717/714 model with service life extension.

It is planned that the updated rolling stock will be handed over to the customer before the end of this year. The repair will extend the service life of metro cars by another 15 years. All work will be performed by the St. Petersburg branch of the company, located on the premises of the Oktyabrsky Electric Car Repair Factory (OEVRZ, also part of TMH).

As part of the overhaul in the metro cars, they will update the electrical equipment, cover the outer handrails, replace the bogie frames and wheel sets, and install new engines. The passenger salon and the driver's cab will be equipped with a video surveillance system; six video cameras will be installed. Head cars are equipped with places for people with limited mobility. The upgraded rolling stock will meet all energy efficiency and operational reliability requirements.

Metrowagonmash and the Samara Metro have been cooperating since 1987. In the spring of 2020, Metrowagonmash sent a new 81-717.6 / 714.6 model metro train to the Samara Metro, in December the company delivered six metro cars to Samara after a major overhaul.