Metrowagonmash (MWM, part of TMH) and the Tashkent Metro signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of 40 metro cars of the 81-765.5 / 766.5 / 767.5 model for the capital of Uzbekistan. The rolling stock is planned to be manufactured and handed over to the customer before the end of this year.

Deliveries will be carried out at the expense of the loan provided by the State Corporation VEB.RF and EXIMBANK JSC.

According to the terms of the agreement, each metro train will consist of two head motor cars, one intermediate motor car and one intermediate non-motor metro car. Ten four- car trains will be formed.

Metro cars of the 81-765.5/766.5/767.5 model are equipped with inter-car gangways of modular design with a passage for free movement of passengers through the train, double plug-sliding doors 1.4 meters wide with external light signaling of the open and closed state. Wheelchair spaces are provided in the head cars. Each passenger salon is equipped with touch-screen information monitors with interactive finding of the destination station, laying the route, and calculating travel time. Passenger salons and driver's cabins are equipped with video surveillance, air conditioning and air disinfection systems.

The rolling stock is equipped with asynchronous electric traction motors. The design speed of the metro train is 90 km/h. The service life of metro cars and bogie frames is designed for 30 years. The windshield of the driver's cab will be equipped with an adjustable manual sunscreen, taking into account the peculiarities of the Tashkent metro - part of the Tashkent metro lines are on the surface.

Currently, the Tashkent metro operates 5 trains of model 81-765.5 / 766.5 / 767.5, purchased in 2019. Similar trains operate in the Moscow, Kazan and Baku metros.

Metrowagonmash and the Tashkent Metro have been cooperating since 1977.