JSC «METROWAGONMASH» (MWM, part of JSC «Transmashholding») and MUE Metroelektrotrans (Kazan) signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of four metro cars to the Kazan Metro. 

According to the contract, the company will manufacture a four- car metro train - two motorized head cars and two motorized intermediate cars based on 81-765.4/766.4 series. The dispatch of rolling stock to the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

Several new technical solutions were applied on the 81-765.4/766.4 series of metro cars in comparison with the base model.  The seat covering is replaced in the salons of the head and intermediate cars, and a more durable fabric with increased anti-vandal properties is used. The number of handrails and plastic handles is increased, and their location is changed. Additionally, a hexagonal handrail is installed under the ceiling between the doors of opposite sides. The floor covering is changed as well, it contains hexagonal inserts in a different color scheme. Previously, the floor was monochromatic. The car glazing is increased. The information system is modernized significantly, the dimensions of the over-door displays are increased, and high-definition monitors are installed. The electrical equipment of the train is optimized; the driver's console is changed.

This metro train uses one of the main technical innovations - the possibility of electrodynamic braking of the train to a complete stop without the use of the friction brake. This technology allows the train to decelerate with just electric motors, without brake pads, resulting in smoother and quieter braking.

At the request of the customer, the metro cars will be equipped with elements of the "Dvizheniye" safety system, which is used comprehensively in the Kazan metro. The color of the train will also be changed. The train will be painted in the likeness of the 81-740.4/741.4 series metro trains operating in the Kazan metro, which were delivered by MWM in 2012.