Mytishchi, March 14, 2019 Metrowagonmash delivered 8 new cars of 81-717.6/714.6 model to Ekaterinburg Metro.

The contract for the supply of 4 head and 4 intermediate metro cars was signed in early 2019.

The cars of 81-717.6/714.6 model comply with the latest requirements for traffic safety. The doorways are equipped with on-board doors-closing warning devices. Sliding doors are mounted with automatic opening system in case there is an obstacle between the doors ("obstacle detection and squeezing protection system "). In the end part of the head car, a place is equipped for disabled people. Video surveillance is carried out in the train; the image from the cameras goes to a monitor in the driver's cab. Convenient horizontal and vertical handrails made of stainless steel are installed in the passenger salon.

The driver’s cab has a modern control panel. The driver’s seat with vibration absorption is designed to adjust the height, horizontal position and angle of the backrest. The control cabin is equipped with a climate system.

Modern low-combustible and fireproof materials are used in the interior of the cabin and the salons.

New cars can be coupled into trains with those already available in Ekaterinburg Metro (the fleet consists of trains model 81-717/714 and their modifications).

Metrowagonmash has been cooperating with the Metropolitan of Ekaterinburg since 2011.