This year, significant funds of Metrowagonmash investment program were allocated for the purchase of new equipment. For example, such as laser cutting machine, high-performance cutting plotter, sheet bending press and more.

All blank production is transferred to the third line of workshop No. 317 with the installation of new modern equipment. Today the press-blank production workshop No. 121 occupies two separate buildings (before the merge into a single workshop No. 121, these were blank production workshop No. 18 and cold-press workshop No. 21). Many machines installed there are morally and physically obsolete. In order to cope with production volumes, the workshop workers had to work around the clock on old equipment.

Optimization, of course, will bring many advantages, says Denis Alekhin, head of workshop No. 121. The main thing now is to properly organize the whole process, to train operators to work on new equipment, and switch to a different production rhythm. Representatives of equipment supplier companies have already begun the operators training. A highly qualified operator can work on two machines at the same time.

“It was decided to optimize and transfer blank production to the territory of workshop No. 317,” commented the workshop head Denis Alekhin. - Now we are installing and commissioning the plotter - a machine that cuts rubber. After start of all the machines, we plan to switch to an operating mode in 2 shifts of 11 hours and 25 minutes, without night shifts.”

Such optimization will reduce the complexity of mechanical production. Previously, when there were no laser systems at all, the plate was cut on the guillotine, and then it was mechanically drilled and milled on the territory of the machine shop. The only thing that workshop No. 416 could do is simply to countersink the part, i.e. make a countersink for the bolts in the holes. There are parts on which this is not required at all, that is, with the purchase of laser cutting units and sheet bending press, the parts are simply painted and welded into one assembly without additional processing just after the blank production workshop.

The capabilities of plywood cutting installation are indicative. Thus, compared with the old waterjet installation, the speed of the new laser installation is ten times faster. By the end of this year, it is planned to move two guillotine shears, 4 CNC sheet bending press, a BYSPRINT 3015 laser cutting complex, two OMNIMAT L4600 thermal cutting machines, a TRM 50 sheet straightening machine and two LISSMAC burr grinding machines to the laser cutting site.