OJSC “Metrowagonmash” has delivered the first two DMUs DP-S to Zeleznice Srbije (Serbian Railways) this year. Under the contract entered into in October last year, the plant is to deliver to the customer 27 DMUs and spare parts for them through the end of year 2017. The class DP-S DMU offers all necessary conditions for passenger comfortable trip. The passenger saloon is equipped with upholstered seats with armrests. The driver’s cab and passenger saloons are mounted with HVAC systems supplied by Webasto, Germany. The cars with a sanitary unit have a multifunctional area to locate baby strollers, bicycles , wheelchairs and oversize baggage The number of folding seats is located on both sides of the car and opposite to the sanitary unit. Hübner (Germany) gangways ensure the safe and comfortable passengers movement through the diesel train. Moreover the exit from the car are allowed s from both classic platform stations and stations without a platform. Adjustable footsteps may be controlled independently. At customer’s choice, this batch of DMUs are equipped with halogen bulb headlight instead of LED headlight used before, and different light fixtures (bulb-based spot lights to LED ones) that are located over the passenger doors and in gangways. Other changes touched the guide of sanitary unit round door as well as the design of vent window and the door locks in driver’s cab. This order is the third DMU order placed by Zeleznice Srbije to Metrowagonmash. As many as 12 two-car DMUs produced over 2010 – 2012 by the company are successfully running today in the Republic of Serbia. The class DP-S DMU complies with the requirements of relevant international standards and European norms applicable to noise level, energy efficiency, materials quality and exhaust gases emission. Diesel Multiple Units and Rail Buses of Metrowagonmash successfully operate in Russia and the Republic of Serbia but also on the railroads of Lithuania, Mongolia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.