29th of April OJSC “Metrowagonmash” (Mytischi, Moscow region) has delivered 10 metro cars model 81-717.5B / 81-714.5B (4 head cars, 6 intermediate cars) to Baku Metro (Republic of Azerbaijan). The delivery of metro cars is carried out under the contract concluded in March 2008, according to that Baku Metro should receive the total of 36 cars model 81-717.5B and 81-714.5B (14 head cars and 22 intermediate cars respectively) by the end of this year. The cars for Baku Metro have a number of features. There are built-in systems of forced mechanical and natural input-exhaust ventilation and heating in the saloon and driver's cabin. Cars are equipped with a quick-operating circuit breaker produced by the Swiss company “Secheron” which is designed to protect the electrical equipment from short circuit, provides high technical and reliability characteristics. The updated current collector made of composite materials is used in the car. Advanced materials are applied in car’s interior. Metro cars with the logo of the Mytischi plant have been serving the Baku residents for several decades. 75% of metro cars manufactured at Metrowagonmash plant operating for Baku Metro lines today,