JSC “Transmashholding” will supply 10 metro cars model 81-717 / 714 manufactured by OJSC “Metrowagonmash” (MWM, Mytischi, part of the holding) for the Minsk Metro (Belarus) in the third quarter of 2007 as was reported by the Public Relations Department of Transmashholding. The tender for the delivery of cars was held in December 2006. According to the concluded contract, Metrowagonmash shall hand over five cars of model 81-717 / 714 (i.e., 1 train - 2 head cars and 3 intermediate cars) to Minsk Metro in July and five units more in August 2007. The cars intended for delivery to Minsk are equipped with radio stations and automatic speed control systems of Belarusian production. OJSC “Metrowagonmash” has been cooperating with Minsk Metro since 1984. Up to date about 50% of rolling stock of Minsk Metro is the products of the Mytischi Plant. Technical information: Model 81 – 717 is a car head has control cabin; model 81 -714 is intermediate car without control cabin. The cars model 81-717 and 81-714 are motorized and provided with driving axles. The cars are designed to work on multiple-unit system and can be operated in the train with a car number up to eight. In this case the cars model 81-717 are located at the ends of the train, that it ensures the shuttle operation of the rolling stock. The design speed of the car is 90 km / h, the number of seats is 44/40. The carbody is made of low-carbon steel and has all-welded supporting structure. The outer skin of the body is made of corrugated steel sheets providing increased rigidity. The body has increased heat and sound insulation. The cars are equipped with two ventilation systems - natural supply and exhaust and forced mechanical. The cars are equipped with DC traction electric drive with a system of smooth field control (motor field) designed for operation both in traction and electrodynamic resistor braking modes from a speed of 90 km / h to 8 km / h. The car has four traction electric drives with self-ventilation two per bogie, a power of 110 kW each. Car bogies are biaxial with support-frame suspension of traction motors and axial suspension of gearboxes. The bogie frame is all-welded H-shaped structure with a two-stage spring suspension. The sets of spiral coil springs are used in the initial suspension. The secondary suspension of cradle type also has spiral coil springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers for vertical and horizontal vibration damping are fixed in the secondary suspension. The cars are intended to be equipped with the automatic speed control system (ARC) of Minsk production, the radio station of the Belarusian productions, the current collector, and also the door cylinders with retarders when opening / closing FESTO company (Germany) production.