Metro cars of the project "Retro" were created by order of the Moscow Metro in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow subway. The train set of seven cars is made in the style of the metro train of the famous "A" series, which was designed in 1934 especially for the opening of the Moscow Metro in 1935 and became the first metro train carrying passengers of the Moscow subway. Cars of type "A" were manufactured by the Mytischi Machine Building Plant (currently Metrowagonmash) from 1934 to 1939. The project "Retro" is implemented on the basis of cars, which are currently operated in the metro of Moscow. Differences of the metro train "Retro": • Painting in the colors of car "A" of the sample of 1935; (PHOTO car of the project "Retro" or a car sample in 1935) • The elements of the frontal part of the head cars that are well recognized by the passengers of the Moscow subway of those years - round chrome lights, a route sign, an air signal, a front bumper, wooden handrails; • The decorative lining of the passenger compartment is made of fire-resistant fiberglass with a textured surface imitating "lincrusta"; • Aluminum layouts are decorated in imitation of wood; • Window frames are made of beech; • Ceiling and wall lamps in the style of "sconces"; • The color solution of the interior finish repeats the interior of the car type "A"; • The construction of the handrails retains the idea of handrails in 1935; • Sofas fitted in the car are designed using spring cushions and artificial leather, imitating the cover of the sofas in 1935. • Operational parameters and technical characteristics of cars correspond to cars that are already used in the Moscow Metro.