Launched on the Sokolnicheskaya Line on October 9, 2006 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the first Moscow-St. Petersburg train named "Red Arrow". The train is assigned to the electric depot "Severnoe". The numbers of cars are 2763-1699-1700-1701-1702-1703-2764 (old train set), 2763-1938-1699-1700-1701-1702-2764 (new train set), type - 81-717.5M, 81-714.5M . The appearance of the train was developed in the SKB metro of OJSC "Metrowagonmash". Outside, it is painted in red instead of the usual blue, the horizontal strip is yellow instead of white, the roofs and ends of the head cars are silvery, on the doors there is a stylized digit 75 instead of the usual figure. Inside there are yellow handrails, red seats and a reddish sparkling floor covering, and on the walls there are pasted materials about the history of the train "Red Arrow". In 2009, in connection with the planned routine maintenance of the volume of TR-3, the cars of the train set were repainted. The main range of coloring, including the strips on the doors and the inscriptions, was preserved, but the colors became somewhat paler. The Red Arrow does not have its own timetable, so it can work at any time on a par with conventional trains. On March 29, 2010, the train set suffered in the terrorist act at the Lubyanka station. The second car (No. 1703) and the nearby head (No. 2764) in the direction of travel were strongly damaged. In full accordance with the message of ITAR-TASS, the cars damaged by the explosions were repaired; one of them was replaced by a new one, and, after the completion of the investigation and repair, the train returned to the line on May 15, 2010, the day of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Metro.