The unique train was designed in cooperation with the Moscow Specialized School of Watercolor Sergey Andriyaka, commissioned by the Moscow Metro. "Train-aquarelle" was created on "Metrowagonmash" according to a specially designed project. It consists of five new metro cars of models 81-740 / 741 "Rusich" (2 head cars and 3 intermediate cars). The main difference between the cars of the train from the "classical version" of the "Rusich" model is a special body design: instead of windows and seats which number is reduced, there is an art exposition. Passengers will be able to see in the cars of this train the paintings of the People's Artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaka and his students: 45 works that have passed the strictest selection of specialists in total. Each car is decorated in a certain color range - cherry, blue, gray, olive and brown. Colors are selected individually to specific paintings, so that they are most harmoniously fit into the interior of the salon. Outside, the unusual composition is decorated with images of huge bright flowers and fruits.