Metrowagonmash has manufactured and delivered the final batch of 6 car train-sets model 81-740.2B/741.2B type « Rusich». Metrowagonmash and Sofia Metro signed a supply contract for 10 three-car train-sets model 81-740.2B/741.2B type “Rusich” (total of 30 cars). First delivery batch was shipped in August 2013. Cars have a range of features for Sofia Metro. Car design includes noise absorbing system; anti-graffiti coating is applied on external and internal coating. The saloon of Rusich cars ensures high heat and noise insulation level. Digital information unit in saloon provides with relevant visual and audio information: current trip status, route information and, if necessary, advertising info. Emergency passenger-diver communication board meets up-to-date ergonomics requirements. Communication reliability is achieved due to applied digital technology. Bogies structure is designed for special width of European gauge, cars are equipped with HITACHI asynchronous traction drive due to the Customer’s request. Also the plant shall deliver spare parts to proper overhaul for metro cars type “Rusich” to the Customer. Looking back OJSC “Metrowagonmash” has been cooperating with Sofia metro since the plant foundation of 1998. Sofia Metro fleet has more than 100 cars produced by OJSC “Metrowagonmash”. Cars model 81-740/741 type «Rusich» run in subways of Moscow, Kazan, Sofia.