December 24, 2013, Mytischi Metrowagonmash has manufactured and delivered the final batch of 10 metro cars model 81-717.5M/714.5M to Kiev Metro this year. Metrowagonmash signed a contract with Kiev metro for supply of 8 car train-sets model 81-717.5М/714.5М ( total of 40 cars ). First batch was shipped to the Customer in October 2013. The cars meet fire safety and environmental requirements in order to Ukraine law. The car design and equipment arrangement guarantee safety of passengers and service staff. Both natural and forced ventilation systems and sliding vent windows maintain climatic comfort. The lighting of saloon is carried out by separate modules with luminescent lamps. OJCS “Metrowagonmash” and Kiev Metro have been long-time partners. Currently about 50% of metro cars manufactured by Mytischi plant operate in Kiev subway.