Interview General Director or the Deputy Director General of MWM.

In today's rapidly changing world, in pursuit of a technology often forget about those for whom in the end it's all done - for people. And after all of the employees, their professional, teamwork, the successful activities of a company. Without man, without his skills any high-tech equipment is just a pile of metal. That's why the famous labor collective MBM - the main value of our company.

Recognizing this simple truth, the management company allocates work with the staff at one of the most important activities. Unlike the other companies, in a crisis to get rid of their socially-oriented infrastructure, MBM is also experiencing financial and economic difficulties, on the contrary maintains and develops the social sector in the interests of the workforce. The main elements of this infrastructure is equipped with all necessary modern equipment medical unit, power plant, the network of preschool institutions, in which the most favorable conditions for education and a high level of training and development of children, and recreation centers in the suburbs "Spark" in the Crimea "Brigantine" as well as dormitories for married employees and temporary workers.

Having your own health care is considered by the plant as social investments aimed at improving the health of workers and the approach to employment services in order to reduce downtime and provide fast recovery from an illness.

In turn, on the balance of "Metrovagonmash 'three children's garden -" Alenka "," Sun "and" Fairy Tale "provide 100% satisfaction e factory workers in child care centers. In this case, according to both the factory workers and other residents of the factory nursery for many years retain a high level of training and development of children, which makes them attractive from a commercial point of view, and allows to some extent offset the cost of the plant for their maintenance . It should be noted that, to help working parents - of factory workers' Metrovagonmash "kindergartens allocates subsidies for child support, on average, 136 thousand rubles a year. In addition, based on the children's holiday camps "Spark" and "Brigantine" organized winter and summer holidays for employees and their families.

Thus, today we can say that going through a crisis does not justify reducing benefits package and are not excluded from the mission of the guarantees and rights of employees, the State. Stability, social partnership between the employee and the employer unbreakable conditions for successful work of our staff.