OJSC “Metrowagonmash” (part of JSC “Transmashholding”) have signed a contract with CJSC “Baku Metropolitan” for the supply of two five-car train-sets of model 81-765/766 to Baku, Azerbaijan. Each train-set will have two heads and three intermediate motor cars. This was reported in the Directorate for External Relations of Transmashholding. The estimated service life of the cars is 31 years. The contract was signed by the General Director of OJSC “Metrowagonmash”, Boris Bogatyrev and the head of Baku Metro Zaur Huseynov. The first delivery of the new cars to Baku is scheduled for March 2018. The contract is expected to be fully performed during 2018. Mytischi Machine Works has manufactured cars of model 81-765/766 known as “Moscow” for Moscow Metro since the beginning of 2017. In contrast to the Baku contract Moscow Metro receives six-car and eight-car train-sets, each of which has non-motor intermediate cars of model 81-767 (one in six-car, two in eight-car) The trains have a through passage and wider doorways in comparison with the previous models as well as a new door opening/closing light warning system. The trains are also distinguished by a number of innovations. They have a low-stressed noise-absorbing wheel design. The construction involves a new modern asynchronous traction drive and provides reliable, eco-friendly, noise and heat insulation of the cars. Special area for bicycles and wheelchairs is appeared in the head car. Air conditioning, ventilation and air disinfection systems are used in the passenger saloons. “Baku Metro prefers the most advanced and promising technical solutions in their rolling stock renovation program,” said Andrey Vasiliev, Commercial Director for the Urban Transport Development of Transmashholding, commenting on the contract signing. “We are extremely glad that our colleagues have chosen our offer”. OJSC “Metrowagonmash” and Baku Metro have a long-term beneficial cooperation. The plant has been supplying rolling stock to Baku since 1967. There are 280 metro cars manufactured by Mytischi Machine Works operating for today. The previous delivery of Mytischi metro cars to Azerbaijan took place in 2015, when OJSC “Metrowagonmash” together with Alstom transferred three five-car train-sets with a through passage of model 81-760.B/761.B/763.B to Baku Metro.