President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council in Ulyanovsk on the issues of integrated development of passenger transport in the regions of the Russian Federation. Before the meeting Vladimir Putin and the participants visited the exhibition "Urban Transport - Future Prospects". The innovative models of the machinery of Russian manufacturers of passenger transport were presented as part of the exhibition. The President examined the metro cars of the new generation model 81-765 / 766/767 "Moscow" manufactured by OJSC METROWAGONMASH. During the new cars presentation the General Director of OJSC “Metrowagonmash” Boris Bogatyrev told Vladimir Putin about the features of the new car following which the President highly appreciated the new rolling stock. Trains of the series "Moscow" are distinguished by the application of a number of innovations. Low-stressed wheels with noise absorbers have been developed for the new generation metro cars. Its application makes it possible to reduce the level of external noise. The design applies a new modern asynchronous traction drive, provides reliable, eco-friendly, noise and heat insulation of cars. The doors with electric drive and wider doorways of 1400 mm are developed. The mechanism of sliding plug doors eliminates accidental clamping of passengers. Numbers of handlings in the saloon have grown more than 30% it has a special "warm" coating. There are areas for bicycles and strollers in head cars. Saloons are provided with air conditioning, ventilation and air disinfection systems. Each saloon has two monitors with interactive search of stations, routing, and travel time calculation. The modern video surveillance system records not only the person who addressed the driver but also the situation around him. The lighting of saloons uses LED lamps with the possibility of changing the color temperature. USB-ports intended for charging gadget batteries are installed in saloons. Trains model 81-765 / 766/767 "Moscow" have been operating in the Moscow Metro since April 2017. In the period from 2017 to 2020 about 912 new cars of this model will be supplied to the Moscow Metro.