March 24, 2017, Moscow. An official ceremony of commissioning of the first metro train of model 81-717.2К / 714.2К renovated by Metrowagonmash took place in Budapest. The event was attended by the General Director of OJSC “Metrowagonmash” Boris Bogatyrev, Mayor of Budapest, Istvan Tarlos, and the representatives of the Budapest Transport Closed Joint-Stock Company (BKV managing the Metro). All the participants had the opportunity to test the metro cars of model 81-717.2K / 714.2K on the track. The contract for the overhaul of the Hungarian rolling stock was concluded between Metrowagonmash and BKV in August 2015. According to the agreement the plant shall carry out overhaul and modernization of 222 metro cars (185 units of model 81-717 / 714, 10 units of model 81-717 / 714-2M and 27 units of model Ev3) by the end of May 2018. During the overhaul and modernization the passenger compartments, driver’s cabs and the control panels have been completely renewed. The head cars’ masks, bogies and carbodyshells have been replaced and updated. The control system, video surveillance and security systems have been upgraded as well. After the refurbishment of the cars the reliability of equipment and the maintainability of the rolling stock are significantly increased and the specific consumption of electricity is reduced. The trains became more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, the driver’s working conditions have been improved. Now in the modernized trains there is the set up of air-conditioning system of driver’s cab and forced ventilation of compartments. The compressor system, braking equipment and traction drive system have also been renovated. Doors control electrical drive has been applied. In general the train turned out to be beautiful, modern, advanced and reliable. It could be operated for at least 30 years. OJSC “Metrowagonmash” and Budapest Metro have been cooperating since 1970. Within the period between 1970 and 2000 the plant produced 380 metro cars for the Client.