OJSC “Metrowagonmash” has delivered the first 6-car metro train to Budapest Metro. The plant has performed overhaul and integrated refurbishment of the trains. Janos Balla, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary has taken part in the ceremony of train shipment. After refurbishment the reliability of train equipment and rolling stock maintainability has been considerably improved, the electric power consumption rate has been reduced. The train has become more comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, driver’s working environment has been greatly developed In the course of overhaul and refurbishment, the interior of passenger saloon, driver’s cabin and desk are fully modernized. Head car masks and bogies are replaced and the carbody is renovated. Train control and video surveillance systems are subject to refurbishment. The cabin air-conditioning system and forced air cooling of the saloon have been installed in the renovated train. Air compressor systems, braking equipment and traction drives have been modernized. The electric door drive has been mounted. The estimated service life of cars has been extended to 30 years. The contract on overhaul of the Hungarian metro rolling stock was concluded between OJCS “Metrowagonmash” and Budapest Transport Company (BKV) in August 2015. In accordance with the above contract the plant shall perform the overhaul and refurbishment of 222 cars (185 units type 81-717 / 714, 10 units type 81-717 / 714-2M and 27 units type Ev3).